Expert Furniture restorers

Is your furniture in disrepair, damaged or broken? Talk to West Wiltshire Restoration as we are expert furniture restorers specialists for Wiltshire and Bath.

Our expert furniture restorers  can restore modern as well as antique furniture . No type of furniture restoration will be deemed as too big or too small.

Examples of furniture we restore include:

  • Broken legs on chairs
  • Stains or marks on surfaces
  • Chips in woodwork or broken veneer
  • Furniture woodworm treatment

One of our experts  can come and visit you at your home to inspect your furniture in need of repair, and we can discuss what options of furniture restoration is available for you.

Expert Furniture restoration

Our assessment and quote for work is given free of charge. We also collect and deliver furniture for free, if we are unable to carry out the  work onsite at your address

At West Wiltshire Restoration, we use expert restoration  methods to ensure that your furniture will look like how it used to be, we aim for invisible repairs so you will not know where the damage was or that repair work has been done on your furniture. Our expert furniture restorers  will match the repair work as existing, if that suits your needs.

Alternatively, you can take this furniture repair work as an opportunity to completely revamp your furniture by changing its finish (for example, changing from dark to a lighter polish). We can discuss what options of furniture repair is available to you.

Our expert are specialists in various methods of furniture restoration work including:

  • Turning wood to make a new chair leg/ spindles/ knob handles
  • Veneering
  • French polishing
  • Wood carving

Our expert techniques will enhance and revitalise your furniture.

Please give us a call and we can arrange an appointment to visit you