Furniture Restorers Royal Wootten Bassett

Furniture restorers Royal Wootton Bassett

Here at West Wiltshire restoration we have strong connections with restoring furniture in Royal Wootton Bassett with having a large client base in and around Royal Wootton Bassett area

With our small family based workshop just down the road on the outskirts of the market town of Chippenham, we’re usually restoring furniture in Royal Wootton Bassett a few times a week which allows us to offer a free collection & delivery service.

The family business was set up in the early 1970s and we specialise in antique and modern furniture repair and restoration.

Furniture repairs Royal Wootton Bassett

We are able to help with any furniture repairs you may need in Royal Wootton Bassett, which may include:

Loose joints on drawers and doors
Scratches, cracks and dents to surfaces
Water/sun/fire damage
Snapped legs and stretchers

Furniture restoration Royal Wootton Bassett

In our workshop with the ability to deal with any furniture restoration needs in Royal Wootton Bassett, we are experts at matching finishes with existing plus any timbers that may need replacing, we have a large stock of period timber.

We’re also used and recommended by 6 local furniture auctions.

Furniture Restorers Royal Wootten Bassett

Our qualified furniture restorers have a passion for furniture and have in-depth qualified knowledge to find the best solution for repairing furniture damage. Call one of our restorers today and we will be able to run through the process of what could be done to your furniture to revive it back to its former glory. Based in our workshop in Chippenham, our qualified restorers have expert experience and equipment to provide a solution to most furniture issues. We have a well-equipped workshop with a wide array of tools, from 19th century hand planes and chisels to modern wood turning laths and saws.

We offer a free collection and delivery service, but our qualified furniture restorers can do onsite restoration when necessary.

Furniture Restorers Royal Wootten Bassett
Furniture Restorers Royal Wootten Bassett