Furniture Stripping

Furniture Stripping

Here at West Wiltshire Restoration, being furniture strippers is a part of our furniture repair service. If a polish or finish is to badly damaged, sometimes the only option is strip the polish to refinish. Furniture stripping is a delicate process. We specialise in furniture stripping using only hand stripping methods which is a lot kinder to your furniture.

We do not conduct furniture stripping by dipping furniture in a bath of acid which will dissolve any glue in the joints and strip the richness from the timber, also as a result of being wet for a long period of time this process can cause warping to the wood, drawers and doors to become swollen.

What we can strip-

  • Paint
  • Lacquer
  • Polish
  • Varnish

You may also want your furniture stripping for a number of reasons

  • to strip dark varnish from the timber to show the beauty of the wood
  • to lighten a dark item of furniture to fit in a modern house
  • to restore the original finish

Furniture strippers

We are able to strip any item of furniture to include

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Desks
  • Chests of drawers
  • Bookcases
  • Boxes

We also have a full refinishing and restoration service should you have any damage to be repaired.

Our furniture strippers strip different species of timber to include-


Oak furniture must be stripped by hand and not dipped due to the high levels of tanning in the timber. If any metal is present like screws or nails they will leave black stains/runs in the timber. Dipping will also turn the oak a unattractive dull grey colour, hand stripping furniture ensures you keep the true colour of oak.


Again our furniture strippers would advise against dipping these timbers and hand stripping only. Both timbers are fairly tannins rich which when met with tank stripping can leave deep black marks. Dipping also strips the oils out of the timber and can leave many small cracks in the surface, resulting in the item of stripped furniture looking very much like drift wood.


This can be dipped in a tank. The process can leave joints on beech wood chairs very weak and will need to be re glued.

Dipping of pine interior doors is standard practice. We can recommend a good local door stripper for this service.

Plywood/ veneers

Due to the nature of these timbers they do not lend their selves to being wet very well because of the glue being used in their construction. Again hand stripping this furniture is the only option.

Our furniture strippers are happy to advise what is best suited for your needs.