Sofa Repairs

Sofa Repairs

In recent years, the demand for our services to repair sofa feet and sofa casters have sky rocketed, largely in part to modern sofa making techniques where insufficient fame work, design and fixings are used even in the most top end branded sofas.

Sofa repair issues

The typical issue of sofa feet is that they are all made with removable feet for storage, delivery and ease of manufacturing of new sofas. The problem then comes from insufficient tightening of the feet, which once the sofa is in use, the loose sofa legs then slightly move causing stress on the frame which then in turns splits. It is at that point the leg usually caves in rendering the sofa useless.  A tip for any new purchase would be to tighten the sofa legs until zero movement is felt, usually about as tight as you can get it by hand.

Broken sofa leg repair

As we have had a lot of experience repairing sofas, we are able to repair any damaged sofa legs and adjoining frame work at relatively little cost as the upholstery is not needed to be touched due to working from the underside of the sofa. We also add the correct framework and additional bracings to insure the sofa legs will not break again. This work is carried out in situ at your address.